Driving Automatic Cars – Why ?

Sally’s Automatic Driving School is the best place to learn to drive in an automatic car.

  • Are you nervous, hesitant or scared at the prospect of driving?
  • Did you give up driving a manual car because you found the clutch and gears hard work?
  • Do you need a driving licence quickly?
  • Are you looking for the simplest way to get your driving licence?


Automatic driving lessons may be appropriate as not everyone can cope with gears and clutch control. If you have tried to learn in a manual car or have a disability that makes driving a manual car difficult, try automatic car driving lessons.


At present we do not offer automatic driving lessons in Bristol.


You will need to bear in mind if you pass your automatic driving test in an automatic car, you will not legally be able to drive a manual vehicle on an automatic driving licence unless you do so as a learner driver. However, if you pass your driving test in a manual vehicle you are eligible to drive both automatic cars and manual cars.

Some auto driving schools charge a premium for driving an automatic car. At Sally’s prices for auto driving lessons are the same as those for a manual car.

Benefits of Driving an Automatic Car

  • Concentration and safety –  With less to operate inside an auto driving car, your main focus will be on what is happening outside the automatic vehicle during your driving lessons. This would normally allow you to observe traffic and concentrate on the road ahead more effectively.
  • Adverse Terrain – With no clutch to worry about, manoeuvring on hilly and winding roads becomes far easier. The automatic transmission does the work for you.
  • No Stalling – Automatic cars can stall but it is far less likely. So you are unlikely to suffer embarrassing or frightening stalling of the car in the middle of junctions.
  • Less Learning Time – Pass the practical driving test and get your driving licence quickly. With no time consuming clutch and gear control techniques to master, you will be up to driving test standard in no time.
  • Less expenditure – Less to learn means fewer lessons – you will be saving money.