Driving Instructors Wanted – Join one of Somerset’s most popular Driving Schools

It is an exciting time to become a Driving Instructor; the earnings potential is very good and the demand for Driving Instructors is growing.  Indeed it is becoming essential to be able to drive in our fast moving society.

The number of driving lessons needed to pass the driving test is increasing year on year. Demand for driving lessons with professionally qualified driving instructors is growing thus pushing the number of driving instructors wanted ever higher.  On average, learner drivers in Britain spend more than £1500 on driving lessons to obtain a full driving licence. The government plans to improve road safety by changing the age for young people to start driving, re-testing older drivers and retraining dangerous drivers.  This too is going to increase the number of driving instructors wanted.

This might seem all doom and gloom, but it’s good news for you if you are planning a career in the driver training industry.

Talk to Sally about a realistic earnings potential where your work is reflected directly in your income.

As a Sally’s driving instructor, you will be a self-employed franchisee which will give you the freedom to choose your hours based on the reward you are looking to achieve. Many of Sally’s driving instructors want a great deal of flexibility because they need to be able to choose work around family and social commitments. Full time or part time – the choice is yours! No previous experience or qualification as a driving instructor is required.

Job satisfaction

Remember how happy you felt when you passed your driving test? Imagine being the key to training someone with a new life changing skill. The satisfaction a driving instructor gains from each successful pupil makes teaching learner drivers a very rewarding career.

Sally’s Driving School is one of the busiest independent driver training establishments in Somerset, consequently, driving instructors are wanted now!