At Sallys, we are excited to offer flexible Driving Instructor Training courses on an affordable Pay As You Go basis.

We know the cost of instructor training can discourage people who might be ideally suited to the job.  We’ve introduced a new “Pay As You Go” scheme to ease the burden.  Put simply, you spread the cost of your tuition throughout the time it takes you to qualify.  You only pay for what you need.

By taking your Driving Instructor Training with Sally’s, you get affordable, easily managed training with no ties or a free Trainee Franchise.

So if you’ve read about becoming a driving instructor and need a little more incentive to join us then hopefully this new scheme will do the trick.

Teaching people to drive is a very rewarding career.  We should know!  Every one of our driving instructors loves what they do.  Even seasoned professionals who’ve been doing the job for 30 years still get a buzz from the excitement of taking learner drivers to the standard required to pass their test.

Your road to success starts with Sally’s Driving Instructor Training Course.

  • A New Career with Sally’s School of Motoring
  • Flexible Training
  • Pay as you Learn
  • No Franchise Fee Whilst Training
  • One to One Tuition
  • Train with The Best

Call us on 0800 850 849 to discuss your flexible Driving Instructor Training Course.  If you do come on board you’ll be learning from the very best, at your own pace, and with a payment option to really ease the way.