Disabled Driving Instruction

At Sally’s we have manual and automatic cars which can be equipped to assist drivers with physical disabilities. Our learner driving courses are customised to the client’s requirements. Our rates remain as standard throughout for candidates of all abilities so feel free to browse our site for the course of your choice, be it weekly lessons, intensive courses or otherwise.

Where necessary, only the car may be different to suit the learner’s personal requirements or you may choose to use your own vehicle.

Applying for your Driving Licence

If you are receiving Disability Living Allowance at the higher rate, you may be able to start disabled driving at 16. You can apply for your provisional driving licence three months prior to your 16th birthday. However, you cannot use your licence until you are 16 years old.

Driving Tests

All candidates are expected to reach a minimum level of control and road safety to pass the driving tests.

You will sit the same theory test as everyone else. If you need extra assistance with this, please click here for information on special needs.

All practical driving tests have the same criteria; however systems are in place to assist those with disablements. The practical driving test can be taken in either your own adapted car or a driving school car with the correct adaptations for you.

The driving examiner will give you more time to enter and exit the vehicle and fully understand your disability. The actual test content will not be any different.

Vehicle Adaptations

Please click here to read about adaptions to vehicle which help those with a disablity to drive a car.

Help and Assistance

There are a number of organisations which can help you on the way to becoming a driver.