Take Your Driving Test in Somerset!

Candidates who head to rural Somerset, Taunton and Yeovil are more than twice as likely to pass the driving test, according to DSA figures, than in a major city such as London or Bradford.
Sally’s Driving School sits squarely within the top 20% performing DSA driving test centres Taunton and Yeovil.

London and Other Major Towns and Cities

The beating heart of any city has an exciting mix of tradition, culture, commerce and innovation; a wonderful place to visit unless you are a learner driver, then it is daunting to say the least. Test waiting times are high and passing the driving test is more than twice as difficult as in rural Somerset according to the DSA. Calm your nerves with less traffic on Taunton’s quieter roads – book a short fast track course with Sally’s, Somerset’s leading Driving School.

With test waiting times down to as little as a week in Yeovil and the County Town of Taunton, the slower pace and quieter roads give you the best possible chance of success gaining your full driving licence when compared to major towns and cities such as London, Birmingham and Southampton.

Your short notice driving test course is structured to you. We evaluate your experience and prepare a quick pass course in Taunton or Yeovil in Somerset to give you the best possible chance of passing your driving test within days.

For us to arrange your fast track practical driving test, you must have completed and passed your driving theory test within the last two years.

Contact us for your free, no obligation personal fast pass driving course quote.