Sally’s School of Motoring provides customised fleet driver training assessment modules, enabling your company to comply with recent UK Government legislation.

Your drivers will learn the benefits of defensive driving techniques through one-to-one instruction for the whole course. Trainees may use their own vehicle or one of Sally’s.

Our recommendation is a minimum of two days of advanced fleet driver training with one of our qualified instructors. We issue a signed training record upon satisfactory completion.

The Advanced Driving Test (Non-obligatory)

Recognised by insurance companies this external examination gives the employee and employer an extra level of cover in the event of an incident. Whilst not compulsory, we highly recommend this as the perfect addition to your employee risk assessment files.

Risk Reduction Means Cost Reduction

We all know the costs incurred in the event of an accident can be substantial, but there are other savings to be made. By managing the risks through proper fleet driver training, your company will benefit. Achieved through better driving standards, these benefits could be realised from:

  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Lost employee hours
  • Fuel and maintenance savings
  • Ill health and stress level reductions

Managers: Know your Duty of Care

As part of your Health & Safety Management System you are required by legislation to actively manage Work Related Road Safety to comply with your Duty of Care. See the links below for more information.

Fleet Driver Training

You are responsible for the conduct of your drivers.

Should your driver cause an accident, it is you, not the driver who is liable if you cannot prove driving competency. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Our fleet driver training should help reduce your running costs immediately! Sally’s fully qualified fleet trainers coach and assess each of your drivers during the course of their working day, then provide a written report to help protect your business.

  • Reduce driver risk – Safer, more competent defensive drivers
  • Eco-training – Save fuel and maintenance costs right away
  • Assessed as you work – No lost working hours
  • One-to-one assessments – No driving test required
  • Sally’s qualified assessors all hold fleet trainer licences