Instructor Training with Sally’s

Sally’s Instructor Training Course will prepare you for each of the three tests needed to become an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). The exams are in three stages. Our course is taken in two stages as explained below.

Sally’s First Stage to Success

Our Driving Instructor Training Course will set the foundations for knowledge of driving and instructional ability. Focus at the start is on instructor theory and the early stages of Part 2 driver training. At Sally’s we have found that starting your Part 2 driver training at the beginning of the course whilst also targeting Part 1 theory is a far more effective way of learning. Your Part 2 driving tuition involves learning an advanced driving technique which if taught correctly will form the foundation for the rest of the course.

Sally’s specially structured one-to-one training sessions ensure that you are ready for all three tests and have the ability to continue your instructional career in a professional manner.

Sally’s Second Stage to Success

The second and final stage of our course starts Part 3 instructional technique and completes work on the Part 2 driver training. The Part 3 instructional technique includes the DVSA legal requirement of 40 hours training if you intend to apply for a trainee licence option of earning and learning. This final stage also gives you the option to observe driving lessons with one of Sally’s qualified instructors.

Sally’s flexible driving instructor training course allows you to learn and qualify at a pace to suit your needs, making it easy to fit your training around your existing job and lifestyle commitments. All training at Sally’s is on a one-to-one basis; you can opt for an intensive course or simply choose the learning style best suited to you.

Intensive Course

Some students prefer intensive courses due to commitments limiting available time or because it helps them to focus better. The intensive option covers exactly the same syllabus but is taught over a short period of time.

Learning to be a Driving Instructor with Sally’s is straightforward and fun. Our driving instructor trainers all hold their own individual ORDIT qualifications or are former DVSA examiners and are bound by the Driving Standards Agency Code of Conduct.

How long does it take to qualify?

Sally’s driving instructor training courses are structured around your progress and availability. From the time you pass the Part 1 test, you have up to two years to pass the Part 3 instructional ability test. You could begin work as an Approved Driving Instructor within weeks. Provided you pass Parts 1 and 2 in quick succession, you could start work as a Trainee Driving Instructor in as little as four months. Alternatively you can wait to start work until you pass the Part 3 test.