Driving instructor Training – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I train to be a driving instructor in my local area?


Sally’s try’s to provide instructor training and instructor development at a place near you. Also bear in mind the course is not full time and because we work around your other commitments, some of your time will be spent studying at home, so if your nearest trainer is not on your doorstep, it is still easy to fit the training around your usual routine.

Are there any hidden costs in the instructor training course with Sally’s?


We are committed to delivering a high level of training to ensure the student passes the examinations successfully. Sally’s Instructor Training Course allows for 60 hours of one to one in car training. On completion of the course you will be able to take the part 3 exam or apply for a trainee licence. Your Instructor Trainer will help you decide the best way forward. All exam and licence fees are payable by the student.

Will the driving instructor training course fit around my work or family commitments?


When arranging your instructor training your trainer will try to take into consideration your existing job or family commitments and your course structure takes into account both your ability and your availability.

Can I train on a Saturday or Sunday?


If necessary your driving instructor trainer can arrange training on a Saturday or Sunday, bear in mind the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) tests are held during the week.

What happens if I fail one of the 3 qualifying exams?

You can attempt Part I as often as you like except in Northern Ireland (3 attempts only) although most of our students pass first time. You can have three attempts each at Parts II and III (DVSA test fees apply).

Can I work for myself when I have qualified as a Driving Instructor?


Can I join Sally’s when I have qualified as a Driving Instructor?

Yes of course! We’d love to have you on board.

As we have got to know each other through training we can provide you with an introduction to our Sally’s Driving School. We can also offer advice on setting up on your own. When you have completed Part II of your training, you will have the opportunity to discuss your future career options with your instructor trainer or Sally.

Do I have to start work as soon as I qualify?

No you don’t.

Some people train while working full time and slowly build up their driving instructor work until they feel they have enough work to leave their existing full time employment.

Do driving instructors who work full time (40 hours) see 40 pupils per week?


At Sally’s we encourage pupils to take double lessons, blocks of lessons or packages. With this in mind a full time instructor with our school (Sally’s School of Motoring) might only need to see 10 to 20 pupils per week. Seeing just a few pupils per week reduces travel time between lessons and saves you money.