Motorway Driving Lessons

A recent survey reported driver error is present in 90% of motorway accidents making Motorway Driving Lessons a popular addition to the skills of a new driver.

To many drivers, the thought of following the slip road onto the motorway for the first time is pretty daunting. Everything is faster and motorway drivers just seem to drive ‘differently’. Whatever your driving experience, Motorway Driving Lessons help you gain confidence and understanding of motorway etiquette.

At present the standard driving test does not cover motorway driving. Participating in extra motorway driving lessons will improve your forward planning and safe driving for life skills. Sally’s Driving School has driving instructors specially trained to help you get to grips with driving on motorways. We take you through the legal and practical aspects of using the motorway.

Our Motorway Lessons cover:

  • Vehicle checks before driving on a motorway
  • Motorway conditions – weather and traffic volume
  • Driving at night on a motorway (optional)
  • Joining and leaving the motorway
  • Motorway signs and signals
  • Defensive driving
  • Making progress
  • Early observation and forward planning
  • Safe distance and judgement of speed
  • Passing vehicles and lane discipline
  • Motorway emergencies and the hard shoulder

We think every newly qualified driver should take at least one lesson dedicated to motorway driving, so even if you passed your test with another dirving school, we’d love to teach you to stay safe on the motorway network.