You can apply for your practical test as soon as you pass your theory and hazard perception test.

At Sally’s, we prefer you to discuss the timing of your driving test with your driving instructor before you book it. Sally’s instructors have the experience to advise when to book a practical driving test based on your driving ability.

You’ll need to remember your theory and hazard perception so now is a good time to put in some revision time. Don’t forget there are plenty of resources online, and whilst Google is your friend, we’ve listed a few useful sites on our “Links we Like” page. Click here to take a look.

Talk to your Sally’s driving instructor and practice any weak points you and your instructor feel need attention. Consult your driving tuition record for reminders on this. Get in some practice and vary what you do. Use different types of road, different weather conditions and pay particular attention to the Highway Code.

Drivers often become nervous before taking their test, and that’s only natural. But remember this, you wouldn’t be taking your test if your instructor didn’t think you were capabale of passing it.