Refreshers & Re-sit Tests

At Sally’s we can provide driving courses and driving assessments ranging from refresher courses for a boost of confidence, to disqualified drivers seeking to take an extended practical driving test. All courses are bespoke. Please contact us for an assessment or further information.

Driving Refresher Courses

If you already hold a full UK driving licence but are not confident enough to drive or hold a full EU licence update your skills on UK roads and rules, Sally’s Driving School can offer refresher lessons to keep you up-to-date with the latest driving techniques and build your confidence and driver safety. You will not be required to re-take a driving test.

Driving Over 70 Years Of Age

The DVLA will send you an application for renewal of your driving licence three months prior to its expiry on your 70th birthday. You may have to complete a medical questionnaire. Any medical condition which might affect your driving must be reported to the DVLA. Licence renewal will occur every three years thereon. Normally you will not be required to take a driving test.

Failed Practical Driving Tests

You are entitled to re-sit your practical driving test after ten days of your previous practical test date and two years of your theory test pass date. If you have failed your driving test, Sally’s driving instructors can assess your current driving standard and advise the best course of action for success.

Driving Disqualifications

If you have been disqualified from driving, you will need to apply for your provisional driving licence after your disqualification has lapsed. Both the theory and practical driving test must then be taken in the required category. The court can order a disqualified driver to take an extended practical driving test before returning to drive. When you apply, you must make it clear which test you need as the fees differ for extended tests.

The Extended Practical Driving Test

The extended test is longer and more demanding and aimed at checking your ability to drive. It lasts over an hour on a variety of roads including dual carriageways. At Sally’s we can provide suitable instruction with an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) to help you prepare for a successful driving test re-take.