Trailer Towing Practical Driving Test

The car and trailer towing test (category B+E) consists of a series of safety questions and a practical test. All the manoeuvres are completed off-road at a vocational driving test centre.

The Practical Test Includes:

  • A reverse manoeuvre
  • Uncoupling and coupling trailers
  • Driving on dual-carriageways and one-way systems

Vehicle Safety Questions

The vehicle safety questions concern basic safety checks to ensure the vehicle and trailer are safe for use. Example questions in the style of the practical driving test ‘show me, tell me’ might include:

  • How to check brake fluid levels
  • How to check engine coolant levels
  • Direction indicators function check
  • Securing a load safely
  • How to check for tyre defects
  • How to check brake light function
  • Ensuring head restraints are properly adjusted
  • A serious driving fault will be recorded if you answer all five questions incorrectly.