Now you have your full UK driving licence, you might find some of our higher level courses helpful.

Sally’s Driving School doesn’t forget about you as soon as you pass your driving test. We can offer course enhancements to improve your safe driving for life skills in a number of areas:

Pass Plus Course

A really useful “next step” for drivers who have passed their test but wish to acquire a broader range of skills. You’ll learn a range of techniques but also experince:

  • Night driving
  • All-weather driving
  • Motorway driving lessons
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Trailer Towing Training

Depending on when you passed your test you may or may not require a licence to tow certain types of vehicles. However, all drivers will benefit from expert tuition and we guarantee you’ll learn a few very useful tips on our trailer towing courses.

  • Towing your caravan safely
  • Towing your horse box
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Driving Instructor Training Courses

Do you like driving, even on Britain’s sometimes crowded roads? A lot of people love the feeling of bein in control of a car, so why not consider becoming an instructor? There are a LOT of good reasons to do so, not the least being good earning potential and working hours which suit you.
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